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At ODRA, we pride ourselves on using the best components on the market, and we are proud of the improvements we have made since our inception in 2006. In our endless pursuit of perfection, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our sweepers while keeping them easy to use and maintain.  


  • “Slot and tab” system for all fabricated parts.  
    The resulting parts fit perfectly before welding, making the finished product that much stronger. 
  • 3-D laser cut tubing and 2-D laser cut parts everywhere else.  
    This means all your genuine OEM parts deliver maximum payload capacity, arrive completely stress tested, and feel lighter than ever. 
  • Side brooms that follow the shape of the road  
    Hydraulic proportional valves controlled by the operator box allow the operator to adjust the side broom down pressure from inside cab, providing the best possible sweep. 
  • Only six greased bearings (four on the conveyor plus two on main broom).  
    Each ODRA uses 84 greaseless bushings and chromed shafts, as opposed to lower-cost bushings or bolts and holes that leave you open to dust- and debris-related issues. Our equipment saves you thousands of hours on maintenance by using high quality parts that are maintenance-free and made in the USA. 
sweeper truck parts
  • To assemble fabricated parts, we use a ‘slot and tab’ system. The slot is put onto one part and a tab onto what it fits against. The result is that the parts fit perfectly before welding. This makes the subassemblies much stronger.
  • We use 3-D laser cutting for our tubing and 2-D laser for every other fabricated part. This technology allows us to design parts by controlling stress and at the same time lower weight of parts and the entire sweeper, giving the customer maximum payload capacity.
  • Street sweepers work in dusty environments. Dust significantly decreases the longevity of every conventional greased type bushing. All our pivot points are built with a chrome shaft and matching fiber and resin composite (not plastic) bushings that are made in the USA. Each MT4H sweeper uses 84 greaseless bushings and chromed shafts that are maintenance free. The alternative to this would be bushings that require servicing or, as used in lower quality sweepers, bolts and holes that would need frequent fixing and replacing. This technology results in thousands of maintenance free hours of usage. ODRA sweepers have only 6 bearings which require to be greased (4 on conveyor plus 2 on main broom).
sweeper truck parts
sweeper truck parts
odra mt4h
  • ODRA is the only sweeper manufacturer offering rear axle air suspension on the Isuzu N-class chassis. This standard feature drastically increases the longevity of all sweeping components, increase driving comfort (especially on a short 109” wheel base chassis), and most importantly it increases stability and safety by releasing air prior to unloading material from the hopper by making the chassis frame sit firmly on the rear axle.
  • The MT4H uses a Danfoss® hydraulic system that is one of the best and simplest in the industry. Load sense, variable displacement Danfoss® piston pump supplying 32 GPM @ 3,000 PSI (pump rated for 4,500 PSI), working with Danfoss® PVG-32 valves (valves rated for 6,000 PSI) make it the most efficient, reliable, and simple hydraulic system.


  • Each valve has flow adjustment, allowing change of motor’s RPM
  • Valves with nine sections, each function has a separate valve
  • Each valve has a manual override
  • All hydraulic hoses have the same 37 deg JIC fitting
  • All hydraulic motors are made by Parker®
  • Both hydraulic valves and electric enclosures are located in the same area allowing required work to be done from ground level
  • The brushless electric oil cooler is made by SPAL® and is rated for 20,000 hours of work
  • Side broom hydraulic cylinders are new design single acting cylinders with no breather. This means no dust is sucked into the cylinder and no inside surface destruction
  • The ODRA MT4H uses hydraulic proportional valves to allow the operator to adjust the side broom down pressure from inside cab. This makes the side brooms follow the shape of road with a fixed amount of pressure, resulting in good sweeping quality.
  • The ODRA MT4H electric system is designed to easily trouble shoot over the phone with just a 12 V test light. There is no CAN bus or PLC on in our electrics, everything is based on Bosch relays and ON/OFF switches. Every wire goes from the operator box inside of the cab to a metal NEMA3 rated central wiring box located above the hydraulic valves. From our electrical box, wires reach all their respective devices inside separated harnesses. Additionally:
  • Harnesses are braided for extreme resistance to wear and impact resistance and longevity
  • Wires are color coded and stamped
  • All electric plugs are made by Amphenol® or Deutsch®, the highest quality products on the market
  • Main Amphenol® plug is military grade, aluminum, all wires are soldered
  • Operators switches are rated for 18 Amperes for longevity
sweeper truck parts
industrial sweeper parts
street sweeper parts
odra street sweepers
  • The ODRA MT4H utilizes an efficient hopper lift design. The hopper is lifted by a vertically mounted hydraulic cylinder that bears the entire weight of the hopper and debris. With the hopper weight resting on the cylinder, the scissor arms are designed to stabilize and balance hopper. This design puts significantly less force on the scissors and therefore allows the MT4H to have a lighter scissor assembly, effectively increasing your payload capacity. To compare, in the MT4H, 100% of the cylinders force is used to lift the hopper vertically because the cylinder is sitting vertically. In competitor designs, the lift cylinder is placed almost horizontal, applying it’s force at an angle to the scissors in order to extend the scissors and lift the hopper; this is an inefficient system that only applies ~20% of the cylinder force to directly lifting the hopper and therefore requires an overrated (more expensive and heavy) cylinder. To eliminate any side forces and to increase the longevity of our 5 stage, chrome plated steel hydraulic cylinder, it is mounted in the cradle of the frame.
  • Hopper box design on the ODRA MT4H uses advance technology of stainless-steel riveting, like the aircraft industry, instead of welding. This technology requires high precision, all of the holes in bent metal sheets are laser cut and they must match
     perfectly. Advantages of this technology are important:
  • Large surface of the hopper walls is not bent by the heat created by welding
  • Material is not exposed to premature corrosion
  • Increased strength, rigidness, of large metal surfaces working together
  • Side wall and ceiling are made from thinner metal, lowering weight, and increasing payload capacity
  • ODRA puts a high importance on painting processes in order to help the longevity (and resale value) of your MT4H. The main frame is a key part of the MT4H module as all subassemblies are bolted to the frame and can be easily replaced. As the central component, the main frame of the ODRA MT4H is painted applying the same standards as equipment exposed to salt (sand/salt spreader for winter) or chemical product:
  • Sand blasted
  • Primed
  • Seams sealed
  • Painted

The process for all other parts (excl. outside hopper due to size for cathodic deposition, it is sand blasted instead) are:

  • Sharp edges are deburred and checked for welding spatters and pitting
  • Parts are degreased/phosphate washed to clean surfaces for good adhesion
  • Next step is cathodic electrodeposition primer, this layer gives good adhesion for powder coating and prevents corrosion in case powder coating paint is damaged
  • Pure polyester powder which is resistant to sunlight, salt, and any extreme weather conditions is applied

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