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ODRA is part of Challenger Manufacturing group, originally established in Alberta, Canada in 2006. Our sweeper design is born from a region with extremely heavy sweeping conditions that are very demanding for any road sweeper.

At ODRA, we manufacture chassis mounted mechanical road sweepers. These road sweepers are robust and reliable machines that feature high fuel efficiency and low operational cost. Our sweepers have been improved and perfected for over 16 years and have shown extensive success with both municipalities and private contractors as being reliable, simple build, easy to operate and very versatile. 


ODRA MT4H Mechanical Road Sweeper 

The ODRA MT4H is the only sweeper on the American market combining a powerful sweeping module with a medium class chassis. On chassis side, the ODRA MT4H non CDL chassis features an exceptional turning radius of 16’5″ (compared to 20′ plus on conventional style chassis), rear axle air ride suspension, and can travel at highway speeds.

The MT4H module offers a powerful Danfoss® hydraulic system of 32 GPM @ 3,000 PSI powering heavy duty side brooms, main broom and squeegee type conveyor. The sweeper is equipped with 4 cubic yard hopper that can be raised and unloaded up to 10 feet high and the water tank has a capacity of 220 gallons. These features are why over 1,200 MT4H sweepers are currently working in the US and Canada today.

The Most Reliable Sweeper On The Market

With over 1,200 units in the US and Canada and over 16 years in production, the simple design of ODRA Sweepers is continuously being improved while remaining efficient and reliable. As a result of using the best quality parts and fabricating methods (see “quality” information), ODRA sweepers have an excellent reputation among private contractors and municipal customers.

The Sweeper With The Lowest Operating Cost On The Market

The ODRA MT4H sweeper has a compact design that gives you everything that you need and nothing that you don’t. Installed with a large size hopper (4 cubic yard), powerful hydraulic system, and large brooms, the MT4H packs a heavy punch while still sitting on a medium size, no CDL chassis. Outfitted with leading technology (load sensing hydraulic system, greaseless bushings, ‘slot and tab’ assembly system, etc.), ODRA sweepers are very reliable and feature low fuel consumption and operating costs.

The Most Versatile Sweeper On The Market

One machine for all sweeping tasks: With a powerful hydraulic system and a large 4 cubic yard (3.2 cubic meter) hopper, ODRA MT4H works perfectly on construction sites, sweeping streets, parking lots or asphalt paving applications.


Quality is our highest priority and we are proud of the improvements we have made over the last 16 years on the MT4H. In our endless pursuit of perfection, we continue to constantly improve the ODRA MT4H by looking at new technologies that will better our sweeper while maintaining its simplicity.

PM10 Certification: Testing Under, US based organization, South Coast AQMD Rule 1186.

Established 16 years ago to serve our esteemed customers.


Dedicated manufacturing facility in USA, Canada & India.


Get genuine OEM ship-direct parts for your mechanical street sweeper.
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Keep your equipment in working condition with genuine sweeper parts. We are committed to providing the best mechanical broom parts availability in the industry. We have warehouses in Texas, North Dakota, Alberta and Manitoba ready for same day shipping to serve our customers regardless which side of the border you are on. 

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