ODRA Sweepers


Equipped with Kubota V2403-CR 65hp,Tier 4 Final.

Easy to maintain and operate with only 6 grease points.

Non CDL chassis mounted design is more reliable,more efficient and safer than self-propelled sweeper.

Low initial and maintenance cost.

Variable height dirt dumping hopper enables unloading on site of operation and eliminates the need to travel to dumping sites.

Sharp turning radius.

The Most Versatile Sweeper On The Market

  • Fitted with a powerful hydraulic system and large 4 cubic yard hopper, the MT4H excels on construction sites, sweeping streets and asphalt grinding.
  • Mounted on the Isuzu NRR chassis with a 109” (2769 mm) wheelbase, the sharp 16′ (4877 mm) turning radius of the MT4H is comparable to three wheelers and better than the majority of Isuzu mounted regenerative air sweepers, making the MT4H maneuverable in parking lots and tight spaces.
  • The MT4H is the perfect all-around unit for any sweeping contracting company. Thriving at all contractor applications (except parkades – due to height).

  • No CDL Required.

The Best Value Sweeper On The Market

  • ODRA MT4H sweepers mounted on 19,500 Ib. (8845 kg) GVWR chassis work side by side with sweepers mounted on 32,000 Ib. chassis (please compare specifications), but costs just over HALF of the price.
  • Priced marginally higher than medium size regenerative air sweepers, the ODRA MT4H sweeper (with air suspension, 65 HP Kubota engine, Sauer hydraulics, high dump hopper, etc.) outperform them on any type of job.
  • ODRA MT4H is filled with quality parts that are no seen on any other sweepers. Among others:
  • Air suspension, eliminating vibrations from sweeper components and improving driving comfort.
  • Sauer® PVG32 hydraulic valves and pump.
  • Deutsch® and Amphenol® electric connectors.
  • All pivot points are made of chrome pins and composite bushings (do not require greasing).
  • All metal parts are made using laser 3D and 2D machine.
  • All parts are assembled/welded using groove and tongue system. Very strong welding connection and high precision.
  • Hopper lift cylinder, 4 stage, mounted on cradle eliminating any side forces.
  • Side broom cylinders single acting with no breather sucking dust.

The Most Reliable Sweeper On The Market

With over 1,200 units in US/Canada and over 16 years in production, ODRA sweepers are continuously improved, simple design, efficient, and reliable. As a result of using the best quality parts and fabricating methods (see “quality” information), ODRA sweepers have an excellent reputation among private contractors and municipal customers.

The Best Resale Value Sweeper On The Market

Customers are very satisfied with the ODRA MT4H sweeper and tend to keep it in their fleet. Despite the high population of our sweepers in the industry, used ones are in short supply and the resale value remains high.

The Lowest Operation Cost Sweeper On The Market

The ODRA MT4H sweeper has a compact design that gives you everything that you need and nothing that you don’t. Installed with a large size hopper (4 cubic yard), powerful hydraulic system, and large brooms, the MT4H packs a heavy punch while still sitting on a medium size, no CDL chassis. Outfitted with leading technology (load sensing hydraulic system, greaseless bushings, ‘slot and tab’ assembly system, etc.), ODRA sweepers are very reliable and feature low fuel consumption and operating costs.

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