ODRA Sweepers

Keep your equipment in working condition with genuine parts. We are committed to providing the best sweeper parts availability in the industry. ODRA has parts stores ready to serve you with warehouses in the USA: Texas and North Dakota, Canada: Alberta and Manitoba. Most orders able to ship the same day to serve our customers better regardless which side of the border you are on.

Contact us at parts@odrasweeper.com or call 1-844-888-6372 to connect with our parts specialists.

Get genuine OEM ship-direct sweeper parts. The right parts when you need them for all Challenger, ODRA and more sweepers:


Complete Conveyor (250282) US$9108.43

The Conveyor is the only assembly on ODRA sweepers that contains moving parts (chains, sprockets, squeegees). Recently our engineering team has made improvements on the Conveyor assembly that have increased it’s longevity, but as these components naturally wear out, there is always a risk that they may fail when you need to sweep.

It was important for us to have a very affordable price point for the Conveyor. This price point has been set to allow every ODRA sweeper owner to have one spare conveyor on-hand so that when needed, the entire conveyor assembly can be changed within one hour (yes, it is that easy to replace an entire Conveyor) and your sweeper can go back to work.

Complete Conveyor ODRA sweeper

Drag Shoe Runner (103102) US$215.81

OEM original ODRA drag shoe runners are made from HARDOX 400, world leading abrasion resistant steel made by SSAB and imported from Sweden. 25/32″ (20 mm) thick steel plates are laser cut and formed by press brake. Every runner is painted using CED (Cathodic Electro Deposition) and powder coating. All of this is done to give you the best quality parts for the best price.

Conveyor Chain (203007-91) US$633.99 each

ODRA is procuring conveyor chains directly from manufacturer, instead of distributor. Chain is made to our quality standards and specifications, using specific material grade. Most common cause of chain failure is wearing/cutting out pin when it starts to rotate inside link plate. Crucial is to follow proper procedure of chain installation, maintenance and shortening. It is also important to use chain pins with shaped ends and link plates with slotted holes instead of round ones. Each chain purchased from ODRA includes shortening instructions and chain wear gauge.

Drag Shoe Arms (154037) US$238.86

Most common problem causing mechanical sweeper to leave material behind is a gap between main broom and drag shoe runner. To avoid this problem, we at ODRA pay special attention to manufacturing process of these critical components. We apply high precision manufacturing techniques to moving parts of main broom compartment, as drag shoe plate, drag shoe arm and both pivot points. All these parts must move freely and constantly maintain alignment to keep drag shoe runner close to broom. Arm is laser cut and bushing are welded in special jig. After welding; bushings (both ends) are machined to assure bushings diameter accuracy and alignment thus, removing any possible welding distortion. This guarantees perfect fit for composite bushings. ODRA’s 2-inch chromed pins and composite bushings with rings are guaranteed for long sweeping time without “trailing”.

Strength of drag shoe arm was tested to assure that in case of collision with manhole cover, arm will act as a fuse and bend, rather than damaging mounting pin. This aspect is very important to avoid painful and costly repairs.

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